Uniting the local music scene and breaking down walls with orange slices and grass stains.

Fruit, water coolers, juice, snacks, ball, and referee provided by Shared Medium.


Local bands, artists, record store staff, station djs, festival organizers, venue bookers, promoters, writers, et al, chasing a soccer ball around and taking breaks to eat orange slices and talk about music and projects and all else. Monthly, first Saturday of month pick up games take place April through October.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How serious/skills-critical are these pickup games?

Games are generally very low key. Mostly about running into good music & arts involved people, chasing down errant soccer ball kicks, and standing around during water breaks talking about your project/band/studio/gear/etc. We mostly follow established rules, and breaks to eat oranges & snacks are fairly frequent. That said, there are some pretty skilled-at-soccer bands that will show up…


What should I bring?

Sneakers, band-mates, and sunscreen if it’s sunny out!


Questions? Looking for games to join? Want to get pickup games started in your town?